Make a Better Breakfast This Month!

September 20th, 2017

Better Breakfast with Klosterman

September is Better Breakfast Month. Klosterman Bread can make your morning meaningful by starting it with easy recipes that serve up more than toast- but we can do that too!

Starting the day right @klostermanbread makes Better Breakfast Month, well….better!Starting the day right @klostermanbread makes Better Breakfast Month, well….better!

Better Breakfast Month is a time to draw attention to beginning your morning with the most important meal of the day. Why is it important? Studies show breakfast eaters tend to be healthier than breakfast skippers. They tend to be slimmer and trimmer and have better weight management due to the benefits a healthy breakfast provides.

This Tomato Toast with Macadamia Ricotta Shiso and Black Lava Salt from is a perfect nutritious eye-opener. It’s full of protein and happy energy.

Of course we have to mention French Toast. This recipe from is a little lighter but doesn’t sacrifice the flavor of our favorite morning classic.

In the mood for an egg sandwich? Try Klosterman Bread’s flatbreads, thin bagels and pitas. You can never go wrong with lower calories, all the taste, and plain yumminess for your early morning food wake up call.

Share your better breakfast ideas with us! We love to hear how you start your day at the breakfast table.

Let’s Get Cheesy!

September 13th, 2017

Cheeseburger Buns from Klosterman

September 18th is National Cheese Burger Day! How do you make the perfect burger dripping in gooey yumminess? Klosterman Bread reveals the tips and tricks that will elevate your cheeseburger into a CHEESE. BURGER.

Celebrating an American classic! @klostermanbread gets cheesy. an American classic! @klostermanbread gets cheesy.

So how do we do it? How do we make a cheeseburger into a culinary family classic? Master these four techniques and you will be a burger-meister!

1. Start with good meat. Don’t skimp on the beef. Regret is made by taking shortcuts when you get bad moo from the butcher.

2. Add a middle dimple with your thumb after you form your patties. This will prevent them from shrinking and becoming fat.

3. At first, use high heat and sear the meat, but immediately turn it down and slowly cook your discs of deliciousness.

4. Add the cheese on top and then put a bowl over your beefy beauties. Turn off all heat. The steam that forms inside the bowl will melt your cheese perfectly.

Serve with your choice of condiments and Klosterman Buns. Your food artistry will bring tears to even the harshest critics. You might even shed a few yourself.

Celebrate the Cheeseburger with us! And don’t worry if it’s not September 18th. We’re ready for a burger with cheese anytime!

Helping Houston …

September 6th, 2017

Houston Relief

Klosterman Bread and Cincinnati-based Total Quality Logistics have teamed up to provide meals to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Tweet: Houston needs our help! @klostermanbread is feeding those who have lost everything. needs our help! @klostermanbread is feeding those who have lost everything.

Klosterman Bread is donating a semi-trailer full of bread so 95,000 sandwiches can be made for Houston’s flood victims.

Read all about our efforts here.

The need is great. You can help too. Klosterman Baking Company cares about feeding those in need, locally and afar.

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A Brief History of Bread …

August 30th, 2017

Okay, Klosterman Bread obviously loves bread and everything that goes with it, but where did bread come from? How did man ingeniously discover and start baking magical loafs for the world to consume?

Let’s take a historical journey!

Bread through the ages! @klostermanbread takes a historical bite of breadBread through the ages! @klostermanbread takes a historical bite of bread

Compact, portable and a great source of carbohydrates, recent studies point to bread being baked by humans almost 30,000 years ago. That’s a long time to perfect the recipe.

Prehistoric man made gruel that they would let ferment and then cook on heated stones. The bread they baked was very flat.

Leavening made today’s bread possible. It was a chance occurrence that yeast landed in a bowl of flour and water and made early man notice the bubbles that caused the mixture to rise as the microbes ate the sugars. It’s an amazing fact that Egypt had the first commercial yeast production facilities in place around 300 B.C.

Refined flour was another major factor in bread’s evolution. Milling made for better, smoother flour, which lead to pumpernickels and rustic breads for our ancient Mesopotamia ancestors.

At Klosterman Baking Company, our recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. In fact, for 125 years we’ve been using only the freshest ingredients to create the perfect bread that enhances every meal. Now that’s history worth noting!

Back-to-School and Back-to-Bread

August 16th, 2017

Klosterman Bread wants to make the transition to school less stressful with recipes for sandwiches that are not only kid friendly but loved by moms everywhere. Time is what we all want more of and with these sandwich recipes, we’ll make back-to-school meal prep easy!

Tweet: Don’t leave your back to school lunch in crumbles. @klostermanbread has the recipes that elevate the slice!Don’t leave your back to school lunch in crumbles. @klostermanbread has the recipes that elevate the slice!”

Kids will smile, moms will rejoice from the USDA daily requirement of protein and fruit that will be fulfilled in this Cheddar and Apple sandwich Try this delicious and nutritious sandwich recipe from Realsimple.comyour kids will love it!

An Open-Faced Roasted Pepper Hummus sandwich may seem fancy at first, but it’s easily adaptable for a quick make. A red pepper and hummus sandwich let’s you ditch the lunchmeat for something a little more nutritious. has this great recipe that gives you a starting point.

No matter how you pack it, back to school lunches can be fast, affordable and easy to make. Tell us your what you’re making with Klosterman Bread and we’ll share it!

Stacking Up the Sandwich…

August 3rd, 2017

August is National Sandwich Month, and Klosterman Bread is all about delicious things put between two slices of bread – but how did this day come about and what’s the history of the humble sandwich?

Read on and find out!

Tweet: The sandwich rules the month of August! @klostermanbread peaks under the layers  align=The sandwich rules the month of August! @klostermanbread peaks under the layers

John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich created the sandwich when he wanted to eat his meal with one hand, and continue gambling during a 24 hour session with the other. He requested that beef slices and cheese be put between two slices of bread so that he could keep one hand free. Now that’s dedication!

Some interesting sandwich facts:

  • 47% of Americans eat a sandwich every single day.
  • The largest sandwich weighed 5,440 lbs. That’s a whole lot of bread.
  • According to food historian, John Mariani, the most popular sandwich is a plain ham sandwich, with the BLT as a close second. The classic Peanut Butter & Jelly was left in the dust!

One thing is for certain; the best part of any sandwich is what you put it on. Klosterman Bread is proud to be the top, bottom and sometimes the middle too.

Celebrate National Sandwich Month with 31 Days of Sandwiches on Pinterest!

Get the Family Involved this Summer

July 20th, 2017

If you are looking for a way to celebrate July, Klosterman Bread encourages you to do what we do…bake bread!

Get the whole family involved and make it a summer project!

Tweet: You can never get enough bread! @klostermanbread helps you make your own. can never get enough bread! @klostermanbread helps you make your own.

Of course, you don’t have to go to all the trouble of making your own bread to celebrate July (that’s why you have us), but Klosterman Bread ran across a recipe page from Recipe Goldmine that got us thinking about July inspired concoctions that we just had to share.

This Baked Bean Bread is an American original. We think molasses is the bomb and baked beans are going to give you yummy protein. Who needs to make a crockpot full of baked beans when you can have it inside your bread?

These Butter Dips are little packets of wonderful. They’re good for almost any dip you may be serving. You can’t go wrong with these homemade bread divers. Trust us. We know. We’ve been in business for over 100 years.

And here’s something we don’t do, but we find inspiring just the same. These Fourth of July Hats are ingenious. Made of pie crust mix, we’re looking at table decorations that are edible and fun.

You don’t need a holiday or special month to bake. Just do it like we do! Klosterman Bread makes fresh from the bakery easy so you don’t have to do it at home, but you can if you really want to.

National Picnic Month is here!

July 13th, 2017

Picnics have been around longer than sliced bread!  So get out the checkered tablecloth, load up a basket and join Klosterman Bread in celebrating!

Tweet: Picnics are back! @klostermanbread celebrates National Picnic Month are back! @klostermanbread celebrates National Picnic Month

Klosterman Bread loves picnics! Whether our light fluffiness is surrounding sandwich meat or the ingredient in a sound bread pudding, we’re in love with being outside and enjoying summer with family and friends. But where did the picnic come from?

No one really knows the origin of the word “picnic.” Some believe it is based on the French verb “piquer” which means to ‘pick’ or ‘peck’, with the rhyming “nique” meaning “thing of little importance.” The first table designed specifically for picnics (in a style similar to what we know today) appeared in the late 1800s so we know the picnic has been around at least since then.

While researching picnics, we found out that the longest picnic took place in France. It happened in the year 2000 and was 600 miles long. Italy’s favorite picnic day is Easter Sunday. And after an ant finds your picnic it goes back to the nest while leaving a scent. Other ants will follow the scent and try to steal your Klosterman rolls.

Let’s get out and enjoy fresh air, sun and friends! Plan your picnic and take Klosterman Bread with you.

It’s 🕒 to Talk Hot Dogs! 🌭🌭🌭

July 7th, 2017

July is National Hot Dog Month and Klosterman Bread has three ways to make your dog even hotter!

Tweet: Letting the dog in! @klostermanbread makes the hog dog even hotter! the dog in! @klostermanbread makes the hog dog even hotter!

According to the Sausage Council, Americans will consume seven billion hot dogs this summer. That’s an insane amount of our favorite little tubes of meat! How you eat them is up to you, but we have a few tasty suggestions that make our baseball favorites even better.

The Food Network shares this recipe for the Nacho Dog. Bobby Flay really knows what he’s doing. The guacamole and salsa are a perfect compliment to the frankfurter of our dreams. Wrap it up in a Klosterman bun and you’re ready for fine dining even with a hot dog.’s recipe for Red Devil Hot Dogs has us buzzing. Sweet onions, margarine, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, sugar and Chili sauce make this one of the most unusual wieners you’ll ever taste. The good news is, they’re kid friendly. They love them. After one bite, you’ll be just as addicted as we are.

And of course Klosterman Bread has to go classic on you. We would be remiss if we didn’t talk Chicago Style Red Hots. You can’t go wrong with the way Chicago serves them. has a recipe that is as close to the original as you can get. You’ll think you are riding the “L” and can feel the wind whipping through the skyscrapers.

So how do you like your dog? Plain Jane or dressed to the gills, make sure it’s in a Klosterman Bread bun, fresh from the bakery. It’s the only way to gently caress that goodness the way it was meant to be eaten.

Master of the Grill

June 24th, 2017

Master of the Grill

Grilling should be a sport. In some neighborhoods, it already is. The gladiatorial competition as neighbor out cooks neighbor can be intense. There’s no doubt bragging rights exist for the grill master, but it’s Klosterman Bread and you who win as we get to eat the finished dish!

We’re sharing tips on how to make the most of your grilling journey. You won’t be a novice for long after following these suggestions.

Tweet: Grab the golden spatula! @klostermanbread makes you a master griller! the golden spatula! @klostermanbread makes you a master griller!

So what comes first on your way to grilling mastery?

Know your grill. Gas grills are different from charcoal, which are about as far away from electric as you can get. Get to know your grill and how it’s cooking method will flavor your food.

Spice it up. Speaking of flavor, use rubs, sauces and marinades to add taste to your meats and veggies. The longer you wait to grill your meal after applying your spice selection, the better. 24 hours is a good rule of thumb.

Pretzel Thin Sandwich Bun 4.25

Smokey Bares. What is grilling without smoke? Use smoke to add more flavor to your dish. Throw in a few hickory, mesquite or apple wood chunks to the fire, cover and let the wispy tendrils do their thing.

The end is the means. Think ahead and have your condiments and bread selections ready before you even start grilling. The right bun or bread slice can make or break a hamburger or chicken sandwich. And make sure you toast the grainy goodness. It’s a requirement. Try our pretzel thin sandwich bun for a tantalizing boost that your guests will love.

Klosterman Bread salutes you, mighty grill warrior! Make your play and check out our Pinterest page for recipes that will help you claim the golden spatula of the grilling masters for your neighborhood.


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