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Product Information

24 oz Organic Retail 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Product Dimensions

Loaf Weight: 24 oz
Slice Length: 9.0"
Slice Height: 4.25"
Slice Width: 4.0"
Slice Thickness: 0.5"
Slice Count: 15 + 2
Serving Size: 40 g

Additional Specifications

Crust Color: Golden Brown
Loaf Profile: Smooth Round Top
Topping: Organic Cracked Wheat
Alternate Topping: None
Inclusions: Organic Cracked Wheat


Loaves per Tray: 10
Loaves per Case: 10


Fresh: Yes
Frozen: Yes

Klosterman Baking Company has been baking fresh bread and rolls in the heart of Cincinnati since 1892. Our authentic family recipes have been passed down for generations, and we continue to bake with our customers’ wellness in mind.

Choose Klosterman for Your Family

When it comes to nutrition, we’ve been around the block a time or two over the last 125 years. Here at Klosterman, family has always been our priority.  We understand you want your family to get the nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy. That’s why our USDA certified Organic whole wheat loaves are made with organic flour and carefully baked to wholesome perfection in our local bakery. From our bakery to the grocery shelf, to your kitchen, you’ll be loving every slice of this whole-grain rich bread with a home-baked taste. You can purchase our organic bread varieties in grocery stores throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Choose Klosterman for Your Business 

In the food service world, we know first-hand that consistent quality and great-taste are keys to success.  Even as food trends have evolved over the years, we continue to develop products for today’s family without sacrificing the integrity of our products.   Our organic bread varieties are baked with clean-label ingredients including our organic 100% whole wheat bread. It’s not only delicious, but baked with the same superior quality as our core products.  We are at your service to find what suits your baking needs. Near or far, we want to share our quality products with you and your patrons. To learn more about our fresh bread delivery service or frozen distribution options, contact us today.

Discover more about us and the bread we bake, click the I KNEAD BREAD button to send us an email or call us at (513) 242-1004.