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Whether you need hearth breads, specialty breads, hoagies, flat bread, or buns, we carry it all. At Klosterman Baking Company, we deliver more than 300 varieties of fresh or frozen baked goods across the country.

With more than 100 years of experience, we have gained a reputation as one of the trusted bread companies in the United States. Our team has the tools and training to uniquely blend old-fashioned service with freshly milled ingredients. We cater our products and services to the varied needs of restaurants, schools, and other institutions.

Our Products

If you ever sit and reminisce about "the good ol' days," we don't blame you. We actually built our company in the good ol' days and continue to use the same approach when doing business today. Our prized recipes-developed over a century ago-continue to wow even the most hard-to-please food critics.

We offer a variety of fresh baked goods to commercial businesses throughout the Midwest, as well as frozen baked goods to companies in other states. We offer a line of grocery products to ensure supermarkets and grocery stores are stocked with tasty, high-quality bread products.

Our Promise

At Klosterman Baking Company, we work closely with customers to ensure everyone walks away from every transaction satisfied. Our team has forged strong partnerships with several food service distributors to offer products nationwide. Although we don't deliver fresh bread nationwide, we do have distribution centers in the following states:

  • Kentucky
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee

Browse our product selection, contact us, and order online today.

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