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Your Wholesale Bread Supplier

A great burger is only as good as the bun it's served on. The same is true with sandwiches, hoagies, sliders, clubs, and hot dogs. In fact, the bread we eat can make or break a meal. Since bread has such an impact on food, it's important that this staple comes from a quality supplier.

It doesn't matter if you are the corner hot dog vendor or you own an upscale French restaurant, quality food means repeat business. If you're looking for a bread supplier who provides bakery-fresh goods, contact the team at the Klosterman Baking Company.

Quality You Can Taste

At Klosterman Baking Company, we hand our recipes down from generation to generation. We only use the freshest ingredients to create the perfect bread that enhances your dining experience. We create over 300 different varieties of bakery goods. Whether your restaurant needs buns, flatbreads, rolls, sticks, or any other kind of specialty bread, our bakeries can provide you the bread that fits your needs.

Experience You Can Depend On

As one of the largest family-owned bakeries in the Midwest, we strive to provide quality service to a variety of industries, including grocery stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and schools.

In order to provide our clients with the best services possible, our teams work around the clock to bring you the highest quality breads.

Contact Us

If your company needs quality breads from a trusted bread supplier, contact the artisans at Klosterman Baking Company. Speak to a member of our nationwide sales team by calling 1-877-301-1004.