Sourdough Bread & More

Your restaurant's bread should never be boring. While bread might be a staple for many types of cuisine, you should never overlook the ability of bread to enhance a meal. Fresh and delicious bread, whether it’s toasted or bracketing a sandwich, can even become the most impressive part of the meal. You just need the right type.

At Klosterman Baking Company, we provide a wide variety of breads, so you can match the type of bread you need for your particular style of food. With our help, your customers will walk away from your restaurant wanting to come back just for your bread.

Our Bread Selection

We offer several types of sliced bread that work well for sandwiches, toast, and appetizers. While individual breads offer many unique tastes, our main flavors include:

  • white bread
  • wheat bread
  • rye bread
  • sourdough bread


Our many choices will make it easier for you to find just the right bread for your counters and restaurant tables. Search the pages linked below to learn more about our individual bread choices. We list each bread’s size, portions, and shipping options so you can determine which best fits your business model.

If you are impressed by what you see, contact us and place your order today.


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