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For more than 125 years, Klosterman Baking Company has provided fresh artisan bread to grocers, restaurants, and other distributors nationwide. If you've been looking for a reliable, traditional artisan bread supplier, you can count on Klosterman! Discover Our Delicious Artisan Bread Handcrafted by skilled bakers, our artisan breads are a wonderful complement to any restaurant's menu or any grocer’s instore deli/bakery.

Fresh Artisan Bread Supplier

We believe in our century-old baking techniques starting with 48 hours of fermentation and hand scoring each loaf to ensure our bread is authentically artisan. We use the finest baker's flour made from high-protein wheat to ensure every bite of our artisan bread is hearty and delicious. Whether you own a restaurant or a convenience store, or are purchasing for a grocery chain, we’re certain that with our attention to detail and quality ingredients, you and your customers will taste the difference. We have fresh and frozen bread delivery options to restaurants and groceries across the country. We also offer customer service 24/7 to ensure your company has the bread to satisfy your customers. To learn more or order artisan breads for your business, call us at 1-877-301-1004 or fill out our online contact form.

Klosterman Baking Company has baked unique breads for our clients for over 100 years. Trust us to provide your customers with sweet, tantalizing bread options. Contact us today to start an order.

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