Hoagies & Subs

Whether you own a chain of restaurants or a small café, you strive to provide your customers with quality food they’ll savor and come back for again and again. And if you offer sandwiches on your menu, you know that the perfect meal uses only the freshest vegetables, choicest deli meats, and best cheeses.

But no sandwich is a proper sandwich without quality bread. When you need delectable hoagies to properly accent your restaurant’s sandwiches, turn to Klosterman Baking Company.

Why We’re Your Premier Bakery

Our family-owned bakery was founded over 100 years ago. Our ancestors used prized recipes and years of skill and training to create breads that we still make today. Though people will always enjoy the taste of a classic hoagie roll, you can choose from myriad options to use in your restaurant.

For example, depending on your creations, you could use our wheat hoagie to provide your customers with a different bread option. Or, order the Italian hoagie for a different texture and flavor.

How You Can Incorporate Hoagies Into Your Menu

Click on the links below to learn more about each hoagie roll. Then, click on the “I Knead Bread” link below to contact us and place your order. We deliver fresh rolls to companies, stores, restaurants, and schools in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. We also deliver frozen rolls elsewhere in the US.

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