8 Slice Whole Wheat Flatbread - Currently Unavailable

Serving Size: 1 Flatbread (43g)
Servings per Container: 8
Certifications: Kosher
Product Number: 7511
Slice Profile: Sliced
Heel Slice Thickness: .28 in
Shape: Round
Flatbread Type: Round
Flatbread Variety: Whole Wheat
Flatbread Size: 4 in.

The tradition of baking from authentic family recipes continues with our 8 slice whole wheat flatbread. These 4-inch round 100% whole wheat flatbreads have eight servings per container. Each 8 slice wheat flatbread is pre-sliced and fully baked. They are ready-to-eat right out of the container.  There is no additional preparation necessary, offering a fusion of convenience and balance nutrition.

Why You'll Love These Flatbreads

The unique attributes of these 8 slice whole wheat flatbread makes them a perfect substitute for a traditional sandwich bun.  Let’s start with the fact that these flatbreads are already sliced. This convenient time saver makes a for seamless transition from bun to flatbread.

Next let’s talk about the diameter. The spacious 4-inch surface area offers plenty of room for all the delicious ingredients used to build an epic sandwich.

Finally let’s talk about thickness. Don’t get us wrong – we love bread and, in most cases, the more the better. However, we realize there are some sandwiches architects that may desire less bread. Less maybe more for their menu so these thin round pre-sliced sandwich flatbreads answer that call.

We urge you to consider our 8 slice wheat flatbread for your next sandwich creation. They are sure to delight even the pickiest of patrons.

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