4-Inch Challah Buns (10 Pack)

Product Dimensions: 4" Diameter, 2.5" H
Loaf Profile: Smooth Top
Bread Type: Challah
Product Number: 8601
Servings Per Loaf/Container: 10 Pk
Bun Weight: 3 oz
Bun Type: Hamburger Buns
Bun Variety: Challah
Bun Size: 4 in.
Artisan Bread Type: Hamburger Buns
Artisan Product Variety: Challah

Our artisan-baked challah buns come in a pack of 10 four-inch buns. They are perfect for hamburgers and sandwiches. Slightly sweet, challah is known for its soft texture. This bun is multifaceted as it pairs well with a vast array of proteins and toppings, and is also an excellent option for both sweet or savory applications.

Our artisan bakers have transformed challah bread from its traditional braided loaf into a sandwich bun. Using prized recipes and techniques, these buns are made to deliver the classic flavor of challah bread in a convenient form to expand or enhance your sandwich offerings.

Here at Klosterman Baking Company, we take pride in our devotion to the quality of our products. To deliver second to none taste, our challah buns are made using only the finest ingredients. Our company’s baking expertise has been passed down through generations to ensure we deliver consistent and quality bread, buns, and rolls to our customers.

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