4-Inch Artisan Ciabatta Roll 6 Pack

Product Dimensions: 4" x 1.75" H
Serving Size: 1 Roll
Servings per Container: 6
Loaf Profile: Artisan Square
Bread Type: Ciabatta
Product Number: 8659
Frozen Case Number: 8578
Servings Per Loaf/Container: 6 Pk
Bun Weight: 4 oz
Bun Type: Hamburger Buns
Bun Variety: Ciabatta
Bun Size: 4 in.
Artisan Bread Type: Hamburger Buns
Artisan Product Variety: Ciabatta
Servings Per Frozen Case: 54 Rolls

Impress your restaurant patrons with artisan ciabatta rolls. Discover how Klosterman Baking Company can provide you with the quality ciabatta rolls your dining establishment deserves.

Discover Our Ciabatta

Our Ciabatta is an excellent sandwich roll when used for grilled and pressed sandwiches, such as Paninis. The porous crumb inside provides a soft, chewy interior that contrasts nicely with a crisp crust. Its distinct taste complements Italian seasonings and sauces very well, making it a delicious accompaniment to a variety of Italian dishes.

Klosterman Baking Company, provides 4-inch ciabatta rolls packs of 6 rolls each. We use family-inherited baking techniques and quality ingredients to ensure superior quality in all of our products.

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