Frozen Bread Delivery

Frozen Bread, Buns & Rolls

As a restaurant owner or food distributor, you know that a hot, steaming roll or slice of bread always whets your customers’ appetite.  But what if you operate far away from any fresh bakeries, have multiple locations in different cities, or looking to grow your business but want consistency in quality and menu items.

Count on Klosterman Baking Company to provide tasty frozen bread products to your location.

We Strive for Quality Taste
The team at Klosterman Baking Company understands your need for delicious breads. That’s why we bake original-recipe bread, keep it fresh through careful freezing, and deliver it to your business or organization. We offer frozen breads to a number of food distributors, including:
  • Dot Foods
  • EBY Brown Food Service
  • Gordon Food Service (GFS)
  • Maines Food Service
  • Performance Food Group (PFG)
  • Reinhart Food Service
  • Shamrock Foods Co.
  • Springfield Grocer (SGC)
  • Sysco Corporation
  • US Foodservice

Do you run a popular burger joint? In charge of an elementary school cafeteria? Are you looking for a bread supplier that is capable of delivering bread to multiple locations? Our frozen division plays an essential role in distributing our breads, buns, rolls, and flatbread products throughout the United States and beyond. We work with restaurants, retail stores, co-packer, and food service accounts to find the varieties or work with you to develop a product that is tailored to your specific needs. We are dedicated to serving you with unparalleled service and top quality product.

You’ll Enjoy Honest Service
For over 100 years, we’ve crafted sweet and savory breads from authentic family recipes. You can expect each loaf or batch to be baked with a special sense of care and pride. From what started as a small horse-drawn wagon business, we now enjoy serving thousands of food-serving clients around the country.

Let us serve you, too. For high-quality frozen bread products, visit our contact page to get in touch.

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